Ars longa, vita brevis. In fact, I'd like to steal this painting. By appointment only.

The Cherkashin's. New drawings. A new chapter.

Renay Elle Morris / June 2017

For decades, Valera and Natasha Cherkashin have added layer upon layer of philosophical and political ideology to their masterful works of photographic genius. With exhibitions, lectures and talks on an international stage, the art of their images have recently been compiled into a 254 page publication entitled, Actions, Happenings and art performances 1962 – 2016 _ Night with a Pioneer Leader, which delves into a history of 2 artists_a husband and wife team, and the legacy of their talent. What inspires them may not offer an easy answer. Perhaps it is a fearless energy to defend beliefs, or a lifetime of a Soviet regime. Perhaps it was Perestroika, the political movement and the "openness"policy that led to the reforms of the Soviet political and economic system during the1980s that allowed for such ambitious work.

paci contemporary gallery / porto cervo, italy

Ensconced in the northern coastal jet-setting playground of Porto Cervo, Sardinia, famous for its jeweled-toned sea, sits another gem portside_not to be overlooked.

While the buoyant glitterati ready yachts and great sailing vessels for adventures in paradise_ toasting to the magnificence surrounding the Bai of Sardinia, and the curious gather for celebrity sightings along the The Costa Smeralda, the Promenade du Port aka The Costa Smeralda Hub_ lies several meters inland from the mighty seafaring crafts. Designed as a “luxury space where people can gather day or night”, it is complete with international art galleries, high-end retailers, bars and fine dining establishments, and an array of events_ all with first class offerings.

Thomas Ruff

by U Gen Ghen

In 2003, Thomas Ruff published a photographic collection of "Nudes" with a text by the French author Michel Houellebecq. Ruff's images here are based on Internet pornography, which was digitally processed and obscured without any camera or traditional photographic device. In 2009, the aperture Foundation in New York published jpegs, a large-scale book dedicated exclusively to his monumental series of pixelated enlargements of internet-culled images, all compressed using the standard JPEG format which intentionally uses JPEG artifacts.

The Word Word

oil on canvas by Genu Berlo
by Nicolae Vasilescu, March 2017

Words are fascinating. They are around us. They are inside us. We take them in , we spread them out. Most of the time though we do not see them and we do not want to see them. We only care about their meaning. We only care about ourselves. Nevertheless, if we follow the currents of words, their swarming from one to another, we can see our own bodies made of words who are kept together by unspeakable forces of gravity.


Volumetrie permisivă Marian Gheorghe invitat Călin Vasilescu sculptură - Constantin Hostiuc critic 15.2.2017 - 13.3.2017 - Galeria Orizont - Uniunea Artiștilor Plastici - Filiala Arte Decorative

I was there for the opening of the show. The gallery is reminiscent of the old communist era, and the show is in plain sight, as one can watch through the windows of the gallery, and even though you have to enter strangely to the back door, once you are inside you get to warm up in the presence of the artworks. You start to recognize the spirit of subtle latin humor in Marian’s approach to his creation of E-Vapotarus, meaning repurposing of sensually tactile vintage objects and cleverly giving them a new life as intricate part of the new objects on display. On the other side against the wall you find yourself immersed into a grave deep lyric emotion of the “Wheels and Chakras” To me they are the definition of solid yet delicate, rustic yet pleasant, technically improbable yet archetypal.

by U Gen Ben, March 2017

Ion Țuculescu

 Ion Țuculescu s-a născut la 19 mai 1910 la Craiova, provenit dintr-o familie de intelectuali. Urmează cursurile Colegiului Național "Carol I" din Craiova, unde în orele de desen primește primele îndrumări de la profesorul său Eugen Ciolac, de la care a aflat o parte din tainele picturii. Prima expoziție la care a fost remarcată prezența "pictorului diletant Ion Țuculescu" - alături de a fratelui său Șerban - este cea organizată în 1925, în sala de recepții a Palatului Administrativ al județului Dolj. Deși apreciat pentru talentul său artistic, Țuculescu nu se va îndrepta către o școală superioară cu profil artistic, ci se înscrie la Facultatea de Științe Naturale a Universității din București, pe care o va absolvi în 1936. Paralel frecventează și Facultatea de Medicină, obținând doctoratul în 1939 cu calificativul magna cum laude. Deși se dedicase studiului, Ion Țuculescu continuă să picteze și are prima expoziție personală în 1938 în sala Ateneului Român din București.