Ars longa, vita brevis. In fact, I'd like to steal this painting. By appointment only.

Razvan Anton

by U Gen Ben, Nov2018

Born in 1980 in Romania, Răzvan Anton is an established artist based in Cluj, with MFAs from University of Art and Design Cluj-Napoca, and Master Degree in Drawing from Camberwell College London.  Since 2010 profesor at Universitatea de Artă și Design din Cluj, he also contributes to the ongoing research project of digital archiving the Minerva editorial photography collection. He is well represented by EASTWARDS PROSPECTUS a contemporary gallery in Bucharest, with major shows in well known art fairs around Europe. Miart 2017, and Art Brussels 2018 just to mention some.

Knowing him from his first solo show in Bucharest in 2015, I had the pleasure of meeting Răzvan in his studio at Fabrica de Pensule. After a casual cup of tea and the regular chit chat, I had a tour of his studio and insights into his daily practice routine. The large window openings are essential to the process of some of his current artworks, the solar prints, process which can take from days to weeks depending on the desired output and power of sunlight in the season. Drawing on the cultural heritage of the communist Romania and the importance of the past memory in shaping the future, his art stands out as an accomplished mastery of printing techniques employed in the service of creating the new momentum.

"I work with drawing and memory. Drawing is for me the most direct path towards a possible image. Memory is not the subject but the medium and drawing is a conscious choice of a medium beyond mediums, a language that has the advantage of keeping a safe distance from the norms of the art world. It is a continuous and open research that eludes conclusion. It is a process that leaves a trace.. It is the trace of a thinking process and the image is its proof. The speed at which I think and observe is also the speed at which I draw. The mark, the path and the image belong to this visible process of constructing meaning. It is an imprecise and uncertain route meant to change, consolidate or contradict our views. It is a landscape of shifting geography where historical, political and personal elements hover relentlessly while searching for a state of balance."

THE WORKPLACE (2016-2017)
ballpoint pen on paper
10 drawings, 30 x 21 cm/each

"Lucrez cu desenul și memoria. Desenul este pentru mine cel mai direct traseu către imagine. Memoria nu este subiectul, ci mediul, iar desenul reprezintă o alegere conștientă a unui mediu dincolo de medii, un limbaj care reușește să țină la distanță normele lumii artistice. Este o cercetare continuă și deschisă care eludează concluziile. Desenul este un proces care lasă urme, urme ale procesului de gândire, iar imaginea este proba. Durata petrecută gândind și observând este și durata petrecută desenând. Urma, traseul și imaginea aparțin acestui proces vizibil al construcției sensului. Este o cale nesigură și imprecisă menită să schimbe, să consolideze sau să contrazică ceea ce cunoaștem. Este peisajul unei geografii schimbătoare unde elementele istorice, politice și personale orbitează fără întrerupere în căutarea unei stări de echilibru." via EASTWARDS PROSPECTUS