Ars longa, vita brevis. In fact, I'd like to steal this painting. By appointment only.

flying solo_ the magical paintings of savina capecci / renay elle morris

 15 September 2020_ New York

an exhibition and commentary on the paintings of Savina Capecci 


"Human figures are always the protagonists of the most recent paintings by Savina Capecci."  

                                                                   _ Curator Fulvio Dell'Agnese


Dell'Agnese continues_ 

"Most of the time they are people like her, like us: girls with handbags on their shoulder, girls walking (Total eclipse of the mind) or girls curled up in an armchair, without fear of spoiling their beautiful red dress (What if we were the ocean and not the waves). Around these girls, however, the situation slips out of the control of our gaze and takes them away from the normality of a daily scene; a spongy moon hangs in the dark, and the ground floats among a fertile blooming of pinwheels that rest in unknown depths with their fragile supports, tall and thin as the foundations of Zenobia.

Răzvan Anton’s solo show in Bucharest till Nov. 07

 #helioprints Studies of Gaze