Ars longa, vita brevis. In fact, I'd like to steal this painting. By appointment only.

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Award winning photographer / graphic designer Renay Elle Morris, and my associate and editor of has won the cover image with "Eye to eye /window to the soul" of the Fall 2021 edition of the ANIMA MUNI ACADEMIA Art Magazine. Zita Vilutyle, is the Curator and Art Director of the 72 page publication. This, first issue of the magazine features a motif of artistic and  poetic symmetry that includes interviews, observations, intentions, and the signatures of a collective group of international individuals with a dedication to create visual images in various mediums. Each study offers and reflects themes that explore our global community which is enhanced by the flow of the editorial perspective in synergy with its amazing graphic concept_ inviting one to view a  grand scale presentation. 

 / by u gen ben

"Artists create and materialize their ideas in a variety of ways; bringing together different fields, talking not only about art, but also about real life..."     _Zita Vilutyte, Anima Mundi Academia

Interviews + profiles

Renay Elle Morris_ USA
Jacob Berghoef_ Netherlands 
Aina Putnina_ Latvia  
Dolores Mephistopheles_ Germany
Nata Buachidze_ Georgia

Commentaries_ Jurgis Dieliauta, Anima Mundi Academia

Kornel Jus Užuotas_ Lithuania
Auguste Santckytke_ Lithuania

Collections_ a view

Evaldas Rimšelis_ Lithuania
Cetin Erokay_ Turkey
Elmira Shokr Pour_ Iran
Aleko Lomadze_ Georgia

Conceptual Art                                                                                                                                    

Mike Petrakis_ Greece                                                            

The Dorado Gallery_ Japan

A Closer Look / Mission and Artists                                                      

For further information on the organization +

             the 2022 International Anima Mundi Art Award Competition