Ars longa, vita brevis. In fact, I'd like to steal this painting. By appointment only.

_a cry of outrage. artist’s expression sanctioned. where is the freedom of expression? / renay elle morris.

The Date: July of 2021

The Venue: Ground floor of the Brancovenesc Palace / Bucharest, Romania

The Artist: HeadPainter, Genu Berlo

The Advisors: Ana Negoiță_ Curator, and Denisa Rad, Miruna Barcan_ Assistant Curators

The Work:

A new exhibition “Time Rush | Solo Show” was to be presented. The artist, Genu Berlo, and a host of supporters and guests were delighted to welcome Berlo, and enjoy the celebratory opening of his new works painted on canvas to champion the genius of his creative energy. Time Rush, as written by his curator Ana Negoiță, is a contemporary, recontextualized visual discourse about the painting and its valence. Genu Berlo channels the viewer’s perspective, by bringing to the surface the very “dermis” of the canvas, through the dialogue between texture, chromatic relations and graphism.

The Issue:

Without provocation, and scant of notice, the exhibition of the paintings, as Negoiță continues “...a neo-expressionist study filled with ancient characters, fantastic beings, gods and heroes from the old Sumer, Egypt, Inca, Machu Picchu, angels, and other biblical and mythological figures….”, was yanked from the venue. Closed. Astonishment followed. After all, the paintings passed the presiding committee and council voting process. What happened?