“No standART”_ an exhibition

_my story / “self portrait” 
by U Gen Ben

As founder and publisher of Arstler, the web-based fine and applied art magazine, I am proud to share that Renay Elle Morris, our editor of photographic and fine art development, is a participant in the 1st International Contemporary Women’s Art Biennale 2018_“No standArt” to be held at the Gelgaudiskis Manor in Lithuania from 12 October – 30 November. This exhibition, follows the success of The APS Mdina Cathedral Contemporary Art Biennale in Malta in November of 2017, where Renay received a Grant for her photographic works based on the theme, “The Mediterranean: A Sea of Conflicting Spiritualties.”

Razvan Anton

by U Gen Ben, Nov2018

Born in 1980 in Romania, Răzvan Anton is an established artist based in Cluj, with MFAs from University of Art and Design Cluj-Napoca, and Master Degree in Drawing from Camberwell College London.  Since 2010 profesor at Universitatea de Artă și Design din Cluj, he also contributes to the ongoing research project of digital archiving the Minerva editorial photography collection. He is well represented by EASTWARDS PROSPECTUS a contemporary gallery in Bucharest, with major shows in well known art fairs around Europe. Miart 2017, and Art Brussels 2018 just to mention some.

Knowing him from his first solo show in Bucharest in 2015, I had the pleasure of meeting Răzvan in his studio at Fabrica de Pensule. After a casual cup of tea and the regular chit chat, I had a tour of his studio and insights into his daily practice routine. The large window openings are essential to the process of some of his current artworks, the solar prints, process which can take from days to weeks depending on the desired output and power of sunlight in the season. Drawing on the cultural heritage of the communist Romania and the importance of the past memory in shaping the future, his art stands out as an accomplished mastery of printing techniques employed in the service of creating the new momentum.

_lee friedlander at work / a slice of americana in bologna

/ Fondazione Del Monte –
Palazzo Paltroni / Bologna Italy 
by Renay Elle Morris / January 2018

Looking back on 2017, I was fortunate to engage in several photographic presentations that offered specific themes, albeit quite different. In particular, with an invitation to participate in the prestigious 2017-18 Mdina Cathedral Art Biennale in Malta’s The Mediterranean: A Sea of Conflicting Spiritualities, as an exhibiting photographer and the only American to receive this honor, I navigated with both intention, and agenda working in tandem to add Bologna Italy to my itinerary. I boarded planes, trains, buses and such for the 3rd edition of Foto/Industria in association with MAST Fondazione’s BIENNIAL OF PHOTOGRAPHY ON INDUSTRY AND WORK. It was for me, a tasting _a mixture of art and cuisine, as Bologna is Italy’s capital of food. And, I wasn’t disappointed on both counts.

in memoriam /abbas 1944 – 2018

© Reprinted from 08 April 1999 /
Picture magazine_ Abbas.
A State of Grace / Renay Elle Morris
by Renay Elle Morris

From the country of a thousand and one nights, one journalist’s ambitious reportage covering twenty nine countries in four continents.

It was the brilliance of Allah O Akbar: A Journey Through Militant Islam (Phaidon 1994) that took my breath away. Its author, Abbas, has been described as one of the few photographers “who can raise photojournalism to an art form.” I met Abbas one rainy March afternoon in Magnum Photo’s Paris bureau. We spoke briefly; he was guarded and I was somewhat intimidated. I sipped black coffee while he questioned me, thinking that you’d have to be an armadillo to engage him in conversation–his dark piercing eyes, almost blinding if you are in his line of vision. Then in an instant, relief. He flashes a smile, and everything softens, a gentler Abbas appears. He cracks a joke, something about a journalist, a paparazzi, a tiger and a rat. I take in the humor, albeit dry and biting, but humor, nonetheless.

'Seeing Ourselves Sensing' by Eastwards Prospectus

by U Gen Ben 2017-07-15
Tomorrow is the last day, but it’s worth to make an appointment and pay a visit to the gallery. The group show is also a statement by Raluca Soaita and Andrei Breahna. As I like to follow up with a few galleries, I have (Yahveh) to say go and see it!; it is a good one and it will please you to see a nice range of artists, from Razvan Anton, Pavel Braila, Radu Cioca, to Tania Mouraud, Karolina Bregula and Mircea Stanescu. Many thanks to Răzvan Băbiceanu who walked me through.

Elijah Burgher

photo by Eugen Berlo
by U Gen Ben

I had the pleasure of meeting and discussing with Elijah at his first show in Bucharest at IvanGallery the other day. Born in 1978, Kingston, NY, USA, he is an American artist in residency at Horton Gallery studio in Berlin, Germany. Burgher works with the language of mag­ic and the mystical seals and symbols to address sex­u­al­i­ty, the nude subject and its capacity to convey meaning. Most of his presented artworks are luscious prints on paper realized with handmade heavyweight paper stencils and printmaking techniques.

Highlights of the 2017-18 Mdina Cathedral Art Biennale

by Renay Elle Morris
© renay elle morris_ mdina, malta 2017

In the afterglow of the visual conversation “The Mediterranean: A Sea of Conflicting Spiritualities”_ the 2017-18 APS MdinaCathedral Contemporary Art Biennale held in the country of Malta, I am delighted to showcase a selection of interpretive works authored by an international network of artists and curated by a talented team, guided by artistic director Dr.Giuseppe Schembri-Bonaci and Nikki Petroni. It was a global triumph_ a narrative explored with diverse translations, creating a visual display in various mediums_ painting, sculpture, photography, and multimedia platforms_ artistic voices heard through the most personal of presentations.

Andrei Cădere

by U Gen Ben

André Cadere was born in Poland, grew up in Romania and died in Paris in 1978. He was best known for his handmade series of painted round wooden bars, challenging the boundaries between painting and sculpture. Cadere was one of the first artists to realize that objects were inseparable from market and institutional contexts: half of his focus was on the systems of distribution in the art world, as he introduced bars in galleries and retract them, usually carrying a bar like a staff. His bars could be positioned in all sorts of relations to their surroundings (on walls, floors, propped between the two, etc.), but he would also carry them around a number of outdoor locations and into other people’s shows and openings, even when not invited, which made him quite ”infamous” at the time. (He was nicknamed ”The Stick Man”.)

NYC’s PDN PhotoPlus Expo

New York, NY – November 2016 / Renay Elle Morris / photopresseimages.com
NYC’s PDN PhotoPlus Expo Rocks. Keynote speaker Graham Nash sets the stage.

New York City is a fabulous place to be especially if you are a photo enthusiast. The recent PDN PhotoPlus International Conference + Expo (October 19-22) offered an amazing, well-defined image-based agenda that captured the attention of shooters worldwide. Welcoming over 21,000 image-makers, the event, held yearly at NYC’s Javits Convention Center, did not disappoint. Those eager to set eyes on a never-ending assortment of new cameras and equipment, software and hardware, and a bevy of top-of- the line digital capture products ready for market, had the opportunity to participate in a series of talks and walks, workshops, product demonstrations, lectures and portfolio reviews _ all designed for the amateur as well as the pro.

From Russia With Love

by Renay Elle Morris

As of this writing, I am pleased to present an on-going series, a Q&A dialogue with an outstanding selection of photographers whose work spans many genres and are established in the global sphere. Their powerfully strong and explosive imagery has captured the eyes of museum and gallery curators worldwide, as well as secured homes with private collectors. Stimulating artistic and thought provoking photographic imagery characterize these artists who have explored and broken boundaries within the photographic medium.

Sculpture at Ilana Goor Museum

Leaning Figure | Henry Moore 1974 Bronze 11x33x19
For the first time in Israel, you have the opportunity to admire works of art from the point of view of the artist/collector rather than as exhibits in a sterile academic environment.

The Ilana Goor Museum is located in an 18th century building surrounded by the breathtaking landscape of the shoreline of Tel Aviv and the Old Jaffa City. Fascinating historical events are ensconced within the Museum's walls dating back to 280 years ago, when the building served as the first Jewish Inn for pilgrims on their way to Jerusalem. The Museum was restored based on its original building and boasts over 500 Israeli, international and Ethnic Art alongside Ilana Goor's creations.

Leonard Freed: Six Stories

Steven Kasher Gallery_Leonard Freed: Six Stories / Renay Elle Morris_ September 2017

Hassidics of Brooklyn, 1954
Harlem, 1963
Black in White America, 1963-65
Israel, 1962 and 1967
Italy, 1956-58
Germany, 1961-66

As fellow Magnum photographer Cornell Capa expressed in The Concerned Photographer, “… he (Leonard Freed) was a photographer of ordinary people going about their every day lives – at home, at work, and in the streets. He has a keen eye for social hierarchies and, in part because of his working class origins; he felt great solidarity with outsiders, and the oppressed.”

_ about face.

Valera Cherkashin_ a portrait.
Chosen for the advertising campaign
of FACE: 2.0_ an exhibition
Yekaterinburg, Russia
by renay elle morris

Having premiered in 2012 at XVII Encuentros Abiertos _ Festival De La Luz, Buenos Aires, Argentina, this compelling portrait of Valera Cherkashin, created by the artistic team (husband and wife) Natasha and Valera Cherkashin and noted above, is from the original series, entitled: “Vibrations,” created in 2011. www.cherkashinart.com/vibrations After this successful presentation, a selection of images were chosen to be exhibited in 3 prominent Russian museum expositions known at FACE, which was on display from 2010 to 2015.

Now, in 2018, on view from 11 August – 02 September, and produced by the Yekaterinburg Museum of Fine Art, a new version of FACE, entitled, FACE: 2.0 will take place in Yekaterinburg, Russia, located at the crossroads of Europe and Asia. Continuing on with this theme, the Cherkashins, in concert with curator Andrey Martynov, along with the intense interest noted from a wide audience, has led to a revised collection_ a second incarnation. In addition, the Cherkashin’s have been invited to present a lecture sharing thoughts and ideas as well as introducing their own work on the subject of faces. Participants for FACE: 2.0 are a select group of international artists from Russia, the USA, Germany, Canada, Finland, Taiwan, South Korea, Italy, and Japan.

_the photography show. AIPAD 2018

© Nobuyoshi Araki
“Dead Reality”& Courtesy
Little Big Man Gallery, Los Angeles
Although the weather outside was troubling, inside_ The Pier at 94th in New York City lit up any dreary notions with its presentation of THE PHOTOGRAPHY SHOW PRESENTED BY AIPAD. (05-08 April 2018.) For the 2nd year at its new home, dockside the Hudson River, the 38th edition of the highly selective photographic expo once again proved to be a mecca for a worldwide audience of photo enthusiasts. AIPAD (Association of International Photography Art Dealers) presented a brilliant range of museum-quality work, including the genres of contemporary, modern, and 19th-century photographs, as well as photo-based art, video, and new media. The venue was complete with 96 of the world’s leading fine art photography galleries, over 30 book sellers, 15 AIPAD talks, three special exhibitions as well as host of engaging events. It is the longest-running and foremost exhibition dedicated to the photographic medium.

Georg Baselitz

© Georg Baselitz. Photo
© Jochen Littkemann
Courtesy White Cube
Brilliant, urgent and provocative, German artist Georg Baselitz is among the most celebrated artists of his time. His engagement with German national identity at a time when many artists were shying away from so difficult a subject was an extraordinary act of self-assertion. Much of his best work appears hideous, unsettling, and in some cases even crude. But there is far more to Baselitz’s paintings and art prints than first meets the eye, and their apparent coarseness camouflages their own astonishing levels of accomplishment.

Malta_The APS Mdina Cathedral Contemporary Art Biennale

by U Gen Ghen

As publisher of Arstler, the web-based fine and applied art magazine, I am pleased to announce that Renay Elle Morris, our editor of photographic and fine art development has been selected to exhibit her photographic images at The APS Mdina Cathedral Contemporary Art Biennale to be held in Malta. The theme “The Mediterranean: A Sea of Conflicting Spiritualties” will be on display in the magnificent baroque halls of Malta’s Mdina Cathedral_famed for its rich archive of paintings, sculptures, drawings and artifacts of the decorative arts, architectural fragments, and curios. The 2017-2018 edition is a large-scale contemporary art exhibition, and follows the success of 2015-2016 where it initiated a framework for artists, curators and researchers to work together to establish a creative space. With a global following, invitations have been sent to Maltese and international artists who have set in motion the development of new works that challenge artistic and political conventions.

The Cherkashin's. New drawings. A new chapter.

Renay Elle Morris / June 2017

For decades, Valera and Natasha Cherkashin have added layer upon layer of philosophical and political ideology to their masterful works of photographic genius. With exhibitions, lectures and talks on an international stage, the art of their images have recently been compiled into a 254 page publication entitled, Actions, Happenings and art performances 1962 – 2016 _ Night with a Pioneer Leader, which delves into a history of 2 artists_a husband and wife team, and the legacy of their talent. What inspires them may not offer an easy answer. Perhaps it is a fearless energy to defend beliefs, or a lifetime of a Soviet regime. Perhaps it was Perestroika, the political movement and the "openness"policy that led to the reforms of the Soviet political and economic system during the1980s that allowed for such ambitious work.

paci contemporary gallery / porto cervo, italy

Ensconced in the northern coastal jet-setting playground of Porto Cervo, Sardinia, famous for its jeweled-toned sea, sits another gem portside_not to be overlooked.

While the buoyant glitterati ready yachts and great sailing vessels for adventures in paradise_ toasting to the magnificence surrounding the Bai of Sardinia, and the curious gather for celebrity sightings along the The Costa Smeralda, the Promenade du Port aka The Costa Smeralda Hub_ lies several meters inland from the mighty seafaring crafts. Designed as a “luxury space where people can gather day or night”, it is complete with international art galleries, high-end retailers, bars and fine dining establishments, and an array of events_ all with first class offerings.

Thomas Ruff

by U Gen Ghen

In 2003, Thomas Ruff published a photographic collection of "Nudes" with a text by the French author Michel Houellebecq. Ruff's images here are based on Internet pornography, which was digitally processed and obscured without any camera or traditional photographic device. In 2009, the aperture Foundation in New York published jpegs, a large-scale book dedicated exclusively to his monumental series of pixelated enlargements of internet-culled images, all compressed using the standard JPEG format which intentionally uses JPEG artifacts.

The Word Word

oil on canvas by Genu Berlo
by Nicolae Vasilescu, March 2017

Words are fascinating. They are around us. They are inside us. We take them in , we spread them out. Most of the time though we do not see them and we do not want to see them. We only care about their meaning. We only care about ourselves. Nevertheless, if we follow the currents of words, their swarming from one to another, we can see our own bodies made of words who are kept together by unspeakable forces of gravity.


Volumetrie permisivă Marian Gheorghe invitat Călin Vasilescu sculptură - Constantin Hostiuc critic 15.2.2017 - 13.3.2017 - Galeria Orizont - Uniunea Artiștilor Plastici - Filiala Arte Decorative

I was there for the opening of the show. The gallery is reminiscent of the old communist era, and the show is in plain sight, as one can watch through the windows of the gallery, and even though you have to enter strangely to the back door, once you are inside you get to warm up in the presence of the artworks. You start to recognize the spirit of subtle latin humor in Marian’s approach to his creation of E-Vapotarus, meaning repurposing of sensually tactile vintage objects and cleverly giving them a new life as intricate part of the new objects on display. On the other side against the wall you find yourself immersed into a grave deep lyric emotion of the “Wheels and Chakras” To me they are the definition of solid yet delicate, rustic yet pleasant, technically improbable yet archetypal.

by U Gen Ben, March 2017

Ion Țuculescu

 Ion Țuculescu s-a născut la 19 mai 1910 la Craiova, provenit dintr-o familie de intelectuali. Urmează cursurile Colegiului Național "Carol I" din Craiova, unde în orele de desen primește primele îndrumări de la profesorul său Eugen Ciolac, de la care a aflat o parte din tainele picturii. Prima expoziție la care a fost remarcată prezența "pictorului diletant Ion Țuculescu" - alături de a fratelui său Șerban - este cea organizată în 1925, în sala de recepții a Palatului Administrativ al județului Dolj. Deși apreciat pentru talentul său artistic, Țuculescu nu se va îndrepta către o școală superioară cu profil artistic, ci se înscrie la Facultatea de Științe Naturale a Universității din București, pe care o va absolvi în 1936. Paralel frecventează și Facultatea de Medicină, obținând doctoratul în 1939 cu calificativul magna cum laude. Deși se dedicase studiului, Ion Țuculescu continuă să picteze și are prima expoziție personală în 1938 în sala Ateneului Român din București.

Mark Wilkinson

Self-taught printmaker specialising in linocut based in rural Cumbria, England. Wilkinson was drawn to printmaking by its timeless quality, the deceptive simplicity of line and form it allows, and his lifelong love of the work of British and Irish wood engravers of the 1930s, such as Eric Ravilious, Eric Gill and Robert Gibbings.


Gorzo sau exorcismul formelor

by Paul Doru Mugur

Arta lui Gorzo este însă mult mai complexă decât suma unor tehnici.
Scopul artistului nu este de a crea totemuri vizuale, ba chiar dimpotrivă, putem argumenta că demersul lui artistic de fapt este exact opus acestei tendinţe. Obiectul totemic ne fascinează privirea şi ne atrage într-o capcană mentală din care Gorzo încearcă să ne elibereze prin surprize continue.
Într-o discuţie privată, Gorzo îmi mărturisea că dacă mulţi dintre artiştii contemporani şi-au transformat privirea într-un aparat de fotografiat, el are în privire un...topor! O preocupare constantă a lui Gorzo este crearea unei distanţe între obiectul privit şi privire. Toporul din privire la care se referă el, fracturează aşteptările privitorului, îl distanţează de previzibil, de anticipabil, creând interpretări insolite imaginilor.